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What Is A Microchip?

A microchip is a small electronic chip that is implanted beneath the skin of your dog. Each microchip has a unique number that can be read by a microchip scanner. This number can be matched to your name and contact details through a central database – allowing your dog to be reunited with you as quickly as possible. The dog wardens, as well as most vets and kennels, have microchip scanners, so no matter where your dog turns up, someone will be able to contact you.
Although this doesn’t replace your legal requirement to have an identity tag on your dogs collar, it does mean that if your dog is able to get out of its collar, we will still be able to contact you.


Where Can I Get My Dog Chipped?

We offer microchipping here at Acres Way for £15, and you can also have your dog chipped by the dog warden, or at your vets. It takes only a few minutes, but we ask that you call us in advance, so we can be sure to have a qualified microchipper available.